The Legacy of Lightning in Steel

weapon (melee)

Arcspire is a +6 Rapier

Property: Storm Sorcerers proficient in the use of rapiers can use this weapon as an implement, they may also change the type of any ranged attack they make through it to melee.

Power(At-Will): Minor action; Substitute the lowest damage die of your next lightning attack with the maximum possible result.

Power(Daily): (Lightning) Free action: When you hit with a lightning power, you may deal 2d6+your Dexterity modifier lightning damage to all enemies within 2 squares of the target.


Arcspire began its life as a simple Rapier. Remarkably crafted but mundane, it was taken by a young sorcerer who chose it randomly from a weapon merchants assorted wares. The sorcerer tried enchanting the sword but the magics would not take. Intrigued, he kept the blade and sought training in its use. Once he was capable enough, he combined swordplay with his elemental mastery and discovered quickly that the blade enhanced his own power. Arcsting, he named the sword, and it was soon glowing with its own power, taken from their shared experiences.
The sword came to be known, however, in the hands of another. The great hero Dagoban was just taking his first tentative steps towards his destiny when he gained the service of Arcsting. Dagoban’s varied talents let him see quite quickly that the sword was no ordinary weapon. The first breakthrough came when a fierce battle against a storm giant had pushed Dagoban to the brink of death. A desperate gambit left the giant impaled but alive, one blow at such close range would have flattened the hero, but the sword drew the very elemental animus from the creature, killing it and empowering the blade. Dagoban stood over his adversary at the pinnacle of its mountain tower, and dubbed the sword Arcspire.
Decades have passed: each enemy overcome, each of his countless hours training and each dire situation has lead to a deeper understanding of Arcspire. He considers it a part of himself, perhaps his very soul. He is unsure if the next to wield Arcspire will benefit from his lessons, or if like his discovery of its abilities, they will teach the blade whole new lessons of their own.


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