Welcome to Euos,

The world of Euos has changed, is changing and will undoubtedly keep changing long into the years to come. Where once civilized nations drew boarders that gave order to the land, now are just the war-torn reaches that still bear their names. The very order of the cosmos with its myriad primal forces once held a place for each and each relished its own given place. Now, those cosmos have been unmade, leaving only crumbled firmaments and memories of better times. The world itself fights all efforts to return to that way of life. Wylderness claims any land not continually watched, and even the most defined paths are not a place to tread unarmed. The heroes of yesterday are fading into legend. Even those still able to fight find these new threats too different, too strange. The world and all her peoples look to the brave few who risk life and limb to venture forth into the Wyld, to seek out relics of the past and fight the new breed of evil. Spurred to action by the hardscrabble lives of those around them, or by the promise of power and fame, their reasons matter little as the need for them is dire. The heroes of today stand ready to face all comers, the cost may be their lives but the prize is nothing short of immortality.


A few words and phrases appear many times in these texts. While each has a longer description later in the appropriate chapters, here is a short summary for ease in reading.

Ateri (and Lycar): Crystals holding the condensed power of heroic or dastardly actions.

The Empty War: The world-spanning catastrophe which began with the appearance of the Un and was the cause of many current problems.

Euos: The world, both setting name and name used to mean the natural world.

Thaneris: The largest continent and melting pot of race and culture. Assumed starting point of most adventures.

The Un: A force of unspeakable power concerned only with the destruction of all creation.

The Wylding: Inexplicable events culminating years after the end of the war, causing nature itself to become drastically more aggressive towards civilization.